Here at Newlyns we strongly believe that we should all buy local produce whenever we can.  We believe in knowing and teaching the provenance of the foods that we eat, sell and cook. We believe in supporting the local community and local producers. That’s why we try our hardest to ensure these beliefs remain true in every aspect of our business, from the farm and farm shop to the farm café and cookery school –we demonstrate and teach these values.


There are so many benefits to buying local produce; from supporting the local economy, to health reasons, and of course environmental reasons too. It’s really hard to know where to start - we could easily write a huge long list for you! However, to keep things simple, we have picked our top five reasons to buy local below.


Top 5 reasons to buy local produce:


1.      It tastes better, it’s often better quality and it’s healthier too!

The first obvious benefit for buying local produce is that it genuinely tastes better than imported options and is usually of better quality and is often the healthier option too.  This is because:


·        Locally produced food has far less distance to travel which means it can be sold soon after it has been picked, retaining its natural, juicy flavours.

·        Because it has travelled less, local food can provide more nutrients.

·        Local food outlets tend to only sell food and drink products that simple to make with less additives in, or just the raw ingredients which may encourage you to cook more and take better control of what is in your food.


And who knows – perhaps the freshness and flavour of local produce might encourage you to hit your 5-a-day with ease!


2.      It’s provenance that can be traced

Knowing the origins of your food, from field to fork is an important factor for the health conscious amongst us. 


·        Local food is safer to eat – at Newlyns our animals are reared freely on luscious green pastures and will not be full of antibiotics and growth hormones like those mass reared for large supermarkets.Crops grown on local farms will often use the manure of the animals (no wasted resources) as fertiliser, rather than a chemical based option. 

·        Farmers use a variety of crops to increase the length of the harvesting cycle, this ensures that local produce is not genetically modified, unlike the ones being mass produced for larger retailers.

·        Farmers aim to harvest crops at their peak time to ensure the produce is at its ripest and highest quality.  No need to spray with chemicals for preservation during travel time.


3.      It’s better for the environment

Buying local also helps the environment:

·        The produce has travelled far less, meaning ithas a lower carbon footprint.

·        Because it does not travel so far, less protective packaging is needed, and very often no packaging at all – more free room in your recycle bin!

·        Local farms coexist peacefully with the ecosystem, preserving wildlife.  The outdoor environment that farmers maintain on their land provide the perfect natural habitat for a variety of local species.


4.      Preserve your countryside

It’s simple, local produce preserves open space.  Save your countryside by keeping your local farmers in business and buying local – ensuring your beautiful, picturesque local landscape of fields and countryside stay that way. Read more about this here: https://www.cpre.org.uk/


5.      It benefits the local economy

By choosing to ‘buy local’ and supporting local food and drink producers, you are not only helping to support potentially hundreds of local jobs in your area, you are helping small businesses grow, and it also means that the money you spend circulates in your area at least 2-3 times which in turn helps to boost the local economy.

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