Your House Chef
newlyns your house chef
Everyone enjoys hosting a successful Dinner Party,  where the atmosphere is relaxed, the guests enjoy each other’s company and particularly when the food is superb. 

Many of us like preparing a lovely meal for our friends  and family, but wouldn't it be wonderful to get a professional chef to do it for you? 

Your House Chef is just that, a professional who has spent their career learning how to cook beautifully, who cares passionately about food and how it should be best enjoyed.  

Let’s discuss with you what you would like to serve and together we can design the perfect menu for your event.  

Your House Chef will need to briefly familiarise themselves with your kitchen and after that anything is possible and nothing is too much trouble.  

The ingredients used will be freshly sourced by  Newlyns Farm Shop ensuring that all produce will be  of the highest quality.     

Every dish will be made from scratch, giving you exceptional flavours and above all, food with which to impress you and your guests.  

Prices are per head and include all food costs and service of the meal. Travel to and from your house will be  added separately. 

Your kitchen will be cleared, cleaned and left exactly as found allowing you to spend valuable time with your guests enjoying the whole evening as you would wish to.  

Minimum of 8 people per dinner party.  Please call 01256 704128 for further information.

A Typical Fine Dining Home Dinner Party Menu

A Fine Dining 'Home Drop Off' Menu Suggestion
Caviar (cropped)
Fish and Sauce (cropped)

Grated Cheese (cropped)
Chocolate Truffle (cropped)

Lamb and Mash (cropped)

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