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In our newly opened Cheese Room you will find the best range of artisan cheeses in the area.     

We love supporting local diaries and offer unbeatable varieties such as Tunworth, Barkham Blue, Waterloo, Wigmore,Rosary Goats, Lyburn Old Winchester, Lyburn Smoked and Stoney Cross.    We also have classic Stiltons from both Long Clawson and Colston Bassett, two of the finest of only five accredited producers in the world. and Baron Bigod from Suffolk, which is the closest we’ve come to a Brie de Meaux and sweet, nutty Mayfield, the first cheese with naturally forming holes to be made in the UK.   

The whole of the Cheese Room is specially equipped to allow us to offer cheeses at their most delicious - aged to perfection and in prime condition. As each cheese is different we will have areas for each, offering the correct temperature and humidity including a maturing cupboard/chamber dedicated to ripening soft cheeses.     

Our cheeses are available to taste before you buy, then be cut by hand by our cheese expert and carefully wrapped to keep them at their best, at home in your own fridge.    

Newlyns Cheese List
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