National Barbecue Week
National BBQ Week - Cooking Up a Feast the Newlyns Way!

Next week we will celebrating National BBQ Week - a week that can be enjoyed not just by all meat lovers but also vegetarians too - there are so many yummy recipes that can be cooked using a barbecue.

We have a great range of barbecue food now in season for you purchase in store. From marinated meats,fresh bread rolls and veggies for salads to sauces and dressings, as well aspre-made salads and delicious cheese selections at our deli counter.

Looking for a bit of inspiration?
With the barbecue season now in full swing we thought you might like to hear some of our favourite dishes for this season and tips on how to cook them.

BBQ Recipe Inspiration
Lamb Burger
Lamb Burger
Hot Smoked Salmon
Hot Smoked Salmon
Falafel Burger
Falafel Burger

Don't have a barbecue?
Did you know that we sell Big Green Egg and Weber barbecuesin store at our farm shop? On your next visit come and ask one of our team to help you pick the right barbecue for your cooking requirements. Want to become a pro?!

Our summer barbecue cooking courses are a great idea for those looking for a little inspiration to wow friends and family at your next barbecue party. Designed to teach you interesting dishes and delights ourcourses include lessons on recipes and combos that will help you to create anamazing feast, such as;

Hot smoked salmon with beetroot salsa
Sea bream with Thai infusions
Pastrami Lamb wrapped in a banana leaf with garlic new potatoes
Flat breads with courgette & feta salsa orange
Chocolate molten puddings
Blueberry & cardamom cake - of course nomeal would be complete with out dessert!

Find out more about our BARBECUE cooking courses andupcoming dates here:

We now have a working partnership with Weber who have kindly supplied us with a mixture of charcoal and gas barbecue's to use on our cookery courses. To find out more about Weber please go to their website
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