Healthy Eating Week
Healthy Eating Week

Did you know this week it is National #HealthyEatingWeek?

Hosted by the British Nutrition Foundation, this week is all about encouraging healthy living - inspiring people to eat and drink healthy, teaching everyone about food provenance and cooking from scratch, as well as getting out and being more active physically.

At Newlyns we live for healthy, locally sourced, honest food.  We strive to make sure this shows in every service that we have to offer; from the farm and the shop, through to the cafe and cookery school - all of our food sold or used is homegrown and traceable, from field to fork.

If you come to any of our cookery school courses or sessions, in addition to learning how to cook from scratch, you will be sure to learn all about food provenance, ensuring the dishes that you make are ‘clean’ eating as opposed to ready made meals or foods full of processed, unhealthy, ingredients.

Celebrate Healthy Eating Week the Newlyns way!

Give cooking from scratch a go at home.  On one of our courses, we will teach you how to make this delicious Thai Beef Salad with Sweet Potato Crisps, but as a special treat this week, in honour of #HealthyEatingWeek, we are giving away our recipe secrets absolutely free!

Go on - give it a go, we promise it’s very tasty…

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