A Taste of Newlyns
'A Taste of Newlyns'

Hampshire Food Festival: A Celebration of Local Food and Farming is BACK. From the 1st to 31st of July we are thrilled to once again be part of Hampshire Fare's budding community. For the entire month of July, Newlyns Farm Cafe will be serving chilled nettle and almond soup, peas, broad beans and Parmesan. Take the sting out of your day and treat yourself to our refreshing soup made from hand-picked nettles from around our farm, and served ice cold with crispy broad beans and peas, crispy smoked bacon topped with a poached duck egg. We bet your taste buds are already tingling...

We have rustled up a few – from countless – reasons as to why we feel it's better to savour our produce at peak freshness and meet the people who grow your food:

Unrivalled Taste

At Newlyns we place emphasis on the taste difference and value in our produce over that which can be purchased in supermarkets. At the heart of who we are and all we do, we farm our traditional livestock on the Hampshire countryside that we love so much; the richness and quality of our pastures is reflected in the most succulent, delicious and fresh produce.

Enjoy The Season

The food you buy at our farm shop is seasonal. Shopping and cooking from our farm produce helps you to reconnect with the cycles of nature in the region. As you look forward to seasonal offerings you relate to the earth, weather and the turning of the year.

Know Where Your Food Comes From

Accountability is at the forefront of Newlyns farm produce. Enjoy complete confidence that the beef cattle, outdoor pigs and sheep are solely reared on our farms. There is absolutely no doubt as to the origin and history of our food. Trace-ability and guarantee of livestock welfare standards are a few of the many perks to eating 'farm to fork.'

Low Food Miles

There is nothing better than getting to know local farming families. We often enjoy walking through the surrounding countryside but aren't always aware that the very same crops and livestock we see are actually available on our doorsteps. Find out a little more about what's happening on the farm in our Farm Diary (coming soon!) and enjoy the freshness of our harvest. Buying directly from local farming families gives confidence in the provenance of your food. You are rediscovering the freshness of farm food through low food miles – no need to shudder at the thought of long distances and storage.

Don't just take our word for it, come and taste our statement soup dish. For more information on our secret ingredients, please ask our Farm Cafe Chefs when visiting.

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